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Hai guys! What’s up? It’s been a while, mostly because I discovered Tumblr. It’s more of a picture blog, but GIFS, so what can you do?

Actually, that’s only part of the reason. Mostly it’s because I have become thoroughly obsessed with Glee. It’s crazy. But cool. Look, it’s Kurt Hummel, the best character on the whole show:

And honestly, I think that his character is TOO MUCH AWESOME to handle sometimes… and the actor? Chris Colfer? He should be arrested for being too god damn adorable. Plus… SAI KNIVES. That’s the only reason I was able to choose this image. I have more gifs for Glee than any other show ever. So many gifs, most of Kurt/Chris and I love them all, and all will someday be of use to me I’m sure.

Here’s Blaine Anderson. He’s the next best character.

And together, they are my OTP:

Finn’s also awesome. And Puck. And Rachel – yeah, I like her, though she’s annoying. And Mike and Tina and Artie and Quinn and Brittany and Santana and Sam and Sunshine (haha) and Matt and Mr Schuester and Emma and Sue and Becky and Jean and and and and and and and… but not Sebastian. He’s just a whore. I’m sure the actor, Grant Gustin, is a perfectly nice person, and that is why I always feel bad when I see a picture of him and my go-to reaction is:

Just because he plays Sebastian. Who is an asshole. I don’t think it’s healthy to hate a fictional being so much.

Other than all my Gleeking out, and there has been a lot of that, I assure you… not much is happening. I finished school and Christmas is over and everyone I know is going to uni now and moving away so… I’m kind of treading water right now. I’ll tell you what I really want to do though I don’t know if I should: I want to act. I’m considering this course, a short one for now, and I’ve joined the local musical society – it’s all we’ve got, theatre wise, and we’re doing Jekyll and Hyde.

Some people I tell react like this:

Most of them are friends. Other people react like this:


Which makes me react like this:


And in general I’m switching from:




Because I’m thinking… ‘What are you, crazy? No, no, you can do it, it happens. But not to you, moron! Why not to me? Talent, you need talent! I’m talented, maybe? No, not really. But I could be. Um, no ARGH.’ Because I want to act like:


But I know it’ll be more like


So… yeah, that’s basically it. I’m SO sorry for the overload of Glee-gifs… but uhhh… I love Glee and I love gifs, and truth is, I’m not actually that sorry 🙂 But as an apology, have a few random gifs… Supernatural… and… random ones:

This one is how you guys are feeling.

Or maybe you feel like this one…

This one is just… because.

And this one… guys, I just like using gifs and I have a lot. So now… that, that’s me… and he, he is you.

Bye now!

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Hello internet! Are you doing awesome? I wouldn’t know, you never answer my calls 😦 We used to be tight, what happened? (By the way, it’s totally you, not me!)

In other news, I’ve been stumbling along through the days after school. I actually asked the manager on duty tonight what she did when she finished school – she said she worked, and moved. That’s about it. Hmm, sounds promising. Work sucks when I’m on with the people I was on with tonight – not my manager, she’s cool enough, but the rest of the staff make me want to tear my hair out sometimes. And people are just so damn rude these days! Rude, disrespectful, lazy.

I must be guilty of the same crimes. I know I can be all of those things. But in comparison to what I see day to day, I feel like I was raised in a different time. A stricter time, sure, but you know I believe that strict social structure served a very good purpose. Humanity will never pin down the perfect balance, but we’ve gone too far to the other extreme! When did strict become synonymous with bad anyway? Or disciplined become associated with overbearing dictators? No, discipline and being strict are not bad things.

Ladies who didn’t speak unless spoken too. From our perspective it sounds kind of harsh, but now take a moment to reflect on ‘ladies’ who speak to you these days, whenever they want. Do they sound delicate? Are they polite? Or do they swear and call you all kinds of horrible words that no one, male or female, should use? I heard from my hairdresser the other day that she had a customer once whom she was telling about a young lady she’d served before. The woman apparently said to her, “Now was it a lady or a woman? There’s a difference you know.” It’s so true! Now, from my observations of people around me I can list hundreds of different reasons why society has become so verbally abusive, but it could take me a very long time and I’m sure my readers are clever enough to have observed it themselves.

I just can’t understand why you would allow yourself to become that way. Don’t they feel guilty, or self-loathing when they insult people or show no respect to their teachers or bosses or even co-workers? I know I would. There is just so much rude behaviour these days and I can hardly stand to be around it. As I said, I often feel as though I was raised in another time; there’s an incredible ‘generation gap’ between my grade and the grade below us – ridiculous! Five-year-olds with ‘relationships’ and mobile phones, and girls who go to a ball wearing the shortest skirts.

It’s almost laughable. It’s really pathetic. Now, the people I work with aren’t that bad, but there are things they do which just demonstrate the kind of person they are in every day life. It makes me fear for the future, and it’s getting harder and harder to just shrug it off when someone walking down the street insults me just for glancing in their direction.

What do you think? Why do you think, or what do you think is the primary reason people are more disrespectful these days? Post a comment!


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PS: Internet, I miss you. Didn’t you like the flowers I sent you? Answer my calls!

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Hello everyone!

I just completed the final stage of my school years. The year 12 formal was on Thursday (it is now Saturday), and initially it really didn’t bother me. Finishing school, whatever, exciting. It’s cliche to say that ‘they were the best years of my life, everyone told me that and I didn’t believe them’ – but it is true. I guess I just didn’t really realise I was ever having fun, or rather because school brought my friends and I together, removing it from the picture… leaves a big empty space.

They showed a slideshow at the formal, and it was kind of annoying because of how biased it was; one of the popular girls made it, and wouldn’t let anyone help, so all the pictures were the same people over and over… but it did drive home that this was kind of the end.

Ryan got into uni as did Connor and Nic and Samuel and Ashlee and Emma and… the list goes on. We’re a bright bunch, but you know most of them are going straight to uni without deferring so next year so many of them are moving 45 minutes away… it doesn’t seem like a big deal except that I know that suddenly I won’t be seeing them every day. I’m really going to miss that… and then I look at all these photos from the past few years and think; damn, I’m really gonna miss him/her. I don’t delude myself, I know how easily and quickly people can lose contact with each other, and I recognise I’m probably never going to see or hear from these people again. People with whom I grew up with and celebrated with and made jokes with and loved.

It’s frightening, and the strangest feeling not being expected to do anything during the day, or to actually be aware that I’m not procrastinating on an assignment when I write on here or check YouTube… and with all my friends getting right in I feel kind of unaccomplished. I still work at a certain pizza place where I am comfortable, even though I hate the work, and I know the people well. I’m a little scared I won’t leave; that can happen, I know, when you’re just too comfortable where you are.

It brings up all these memories I thought I had forgotten. There are recent ones, from presentation day and muck up day and slave day, and memories from my 18th when all of us sung the entire song from Portal – you know the one, Still Alive? – in the middle of dinner. There are older ones, when I taught Lizzy the Llama song at tennis in year 8 and we used to sit and toss the ball under the net since we dismally failed at playing, or when I made a bomb shelter plan with Nicola in year seven as part of a project, where as long as we solved the major problems we didn’t have a theoretical budget limit… or in year 9 when Will knocked me off my seat in science, and in year 7 I found out about Connor’s trip to New Zealand…

In the library earlier this year, debating republic vs the monarchy with Lucy… bitching about our English teacher in a private room upstairs with Lizzy and Emma or Ella or Chloe… mourning the loss of Dave’s football to the roof, our mascot Larry the Scrub Turkey… playing lions in the infants with Elena and Geordie… spitting out the grass we were dared to eat and being horrified because Elena ate it… the snow trip, where we built a snow fort, and fought another school in an epic snowball fight… canoeing at Bent’s Basin and sharing a tent with Elena, and it was so hot… being too scared to absail…

And memories not really related to school too, just times throughout my life that I feel are kind of over now. Well, they ended a long time ago I suppose, but now these people have grown up and it’s just… different…

Like when we were kids in the ’90s and my sister and cousins and I were all obsessed with The Spice Girls… haha, I remember they learnt the songs and pretended they were different members of the band. Even though they didn’t have ‘Ginger Spice’ they wouldn’t let me be a part of it, until I cried and begged, and my brother was the ‘manager’… and roller blading for the first time. I didn’t do very well. One of those cousins is married now! Another has a baby.

Or my sister learning to write in Elvish and writing my full name on a piece of paper that she burnt around the edges for me… or getting Simba, my cat… pretending there were foxes living under the house… my brother convincing me that the huge mound of dirt in our backyard was a volcano because I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was little, and getting me to clean rocks with a toothbrush… my sister and brother teaming up to persuade me that it was called a cake of soap because it could be eaten, and both being disappointed when I didn’t burp bubbles… then both of them pretending one of my toys hatched from an egg… my sister teaching me that it was good manners to wait for an invitation before going to someone’s house… my brother cutting my dreams of archaeology short by telling me if I did that I’d have to be like Indiana Jones… Pizza Hut birthdays and McDonald’s birthdays and getting stuck on Hayley’s cubby house roof, and telling ghost stories one rainy day in my parent’s bay window and swimming in the dam and finding a leech stuck in my shoe…

Learning how to ride a bike, then riding the bike path near the dog run when my mum took the dogs there, singing in the rain, tending pop’s veggie garden with him, reading to mum, listening to dad read to me, crying because of the voice in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets…

Memory after memory after memory present themselves for examination and it makes me so sad and happy at the same time. I really miss those days and those people… and I know that it’s ending now, and it’s a new life altogether. I don’t want to lose everyone. I just don’t know what to do with myself now… and all my friends, because I can’t stay with them all, you know? A lot of rites of passage have happened all at once and there’s all these things that need resolving… so now I’m looking at photos, recent and old, and one image will conjure up all the memories and sights and sounds and smells that came with that moment… and I’m reading the messages everyone wrote on my bear and in my 18th book for me last weekend… and these people really love me, you know? And I love them. It seems a bit late to realise that.

What to do now?

I think it’s time to give that some real thought. Love to you all, and to the past, and hope for the future… everyone’s future.


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Hello again!

I am officially finished school. I have the HSC exams to do, but officially I have completed thirteen years of school. Yay!

We have been working really hard, and the final week of school was pretty much the time for us to all break loose as a grade one last time before we all part ways to become the new youth of the world.

Monday was a car wash, to raise money for our formal at the end of the year, and fun as that was we also had an auction. Of slaves. My year put themselves on the line and found out their value to the community. I think the highest bid was somewhere around $100, but for a human life that’s pretty cheap. My friend Lizzy bought my friends Ryan, Tate and Will – we tried to buy Connor, Liam and Max too but we weren’t loud enough. Lizzy loaned them to us, and they went for $42. Two girls went for $2.

After that, on Tuesday we held a sausage sizzle to raise even more money, and it was a success. I didn’t organise it but I bought a drink from it and none of us went to classes that day. Except my ancient history class – dedication or what?

Wednesday was Slave Day itself. Lizzy took our three slaves to the art building and loaned Will to Yaniah in photography. Lizzy and I didn’t have any classes so we amused ourselves in an art room with Amanda. During second period we decided to send Ryan and Tate out to dance in front of everyone, which sparked the amazing idea of getting them to dance for a little more fundraising. They were all dressed in suits and sunglasses with water guns, as the Russian mafia. They had accents and everything; they’re good at accents. Anyway, we made a sign “Russian Mafia Dance Crew” with the logo and then we marched out at recess to dance. I carried a sign explaining that songs or dance moves could be requested for a coin donation – even 5c would be acceptable. Lizzy pumped music from the art room out the window and it was great fun, though we only ended up making $2.20 from it.

Thursday was Muck Up Day. Lots of things happen on Muck Up Day – it used to be a much bigger event, actually. When my parents were in year 12, my dad’s year flooded a quad using sandbags to block it off and raced little paper boats across the surface. My mother and her friends kidnapped their science teacher and tied her (in a raincoat) to the flag pole, throwing water bombs and such at her. A few years ago the students covered one side of a teacher’s car in L plates, leaving the driver side blank so that she wouldn’t notice initially. That kind of thing is no longer allowed – why, every year it is tradtition to take over the assembly. My mother’s year did it dressed as nazis in a jeep back when they had assemblies outside. But were we allowed? No. They forbid us from entering the hall. So in revenge, we covered the stairs outside the exit in plastic cups and filled them all with water:


Additionally we had a Great Debate between students and teachers with the topic “Students are more insane than teachers” with the students on the negative. It was a lot of fun and very entertaining – I was part of the team and got up to speak, so I feel quite proud of myself! It was just a lot of nonsense, but so very worth while.

Finally today was the presentation – the grand finale. There were tears. There was laughter. Most importantly, there was an end. How am I celebrating? I, ladies and gents, am going to a ball. Don’t worry. There will be photos.

… I had been dancing a lot. Sadly, the above image is me!

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