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Hello, hello! I have returned! I actually never meant to be gone so long. There’s just so much to talk about – maybe I’ve been saving all of it so that I had something to do. I actually haven’t been doing much, I’ve been kind of depressed, but I have some things I haven’t written about and I have things coming up, so hooray!

First of all, remember that acting workshop I said I was going to attend? It was awesome. I had a blast, I truly did, and Lizzy was with me and we just laughed about it the entire time. It was all those little games you know, but it was hilarious with the people we had. There was a game we played at the end that was ‘Who Am I?’ where two people decide what the scene is and who everyone in the scene is, and they begin and the third person walks in and has to work out who they are without asking any questions. Bruce was being a woman – we assume a woman – in labour and Lizzy was the doctor and the third girl who came in had no idea and it was just so funny to watch. It made me feel really accomplished and it was just a lot of fun, definitely something I want to persue. Every time we had a break Lizzy and I ate red vines!

The Hunger Games also came out, and was in fact a really good movie. The whole way up to the cinema, Lizzy and I were singing ‘Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These’ because of something on Tumblr, and now that song is our official theme for the series. It has a lot to do with this guy:

Shh. And on the way back we were looking out the back window with our heads back and Lizzy – who is into science and astronomy and such – was like, ‘I think that one is Sirius’ and I said, ‘It looks quite serious to me’. Lizzy: … Me: … Lizzy: And its background is very Black. Me: Eeeeeyyyyy! This is just how we are, we’re very easily amused. The streetlights kept blinding us when they came up though!

You may also notice I’ve become interested in Supernatural. My mum watched it a lot and I used to catch an episode here and there so I knew the basic storyline, but then I realised I had nothing to watch and decided to go out and buy the first 3 series so I could actually watch it in order. And I liked it so much I bought the rest of it – what’s available – and I cannot wait for more. I’m a Destiel shipper, and who can blame me? Plus, the cast of Supernatural are pretty much the most awesome, hilarious cast of any show ever. I am in love with them as a group.

“Don’t ever change.”

“It’s the Eye of the Tiger!”

“Evil!? I’m Crowley!”

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

“Thank you.”

Nothing will stop Misha tweeting his minions.

Sorry to overwhelm you with gifs again. But seriously, in love with this cast. They’re so great! So I’ve also been watching a lot of Supernatural and reading a lot of fan fiction and using Tumblr and generally doing what I did before with Glee which will be back soon as well. American shows like doing hiatuses I’ve noticed and I really don’t like it. British television never did that to me – except Sherlock and that was agony. Mostly watchingSupernatural is about having your heart ripped out and eviscerated time and time again as you watch. If you ship Destiel, you only make it worse for yourself, because I have honestly never sailed on an angstier ship. It’s tragic, that’s what it is.

Now moving on from that, I’ve been trying to write again. I really have been trying! And the other day I finally remembered I have this other e-mail address and I hadn’t checked it in ages, so I probably should. To my delight, a few weeks ago I received a review for Nearly Departed: The Necromancer’s Wife. I have mentioned this before, somewhere on this blog. In any case, I haven’t actually touched it in a while though I have still been thinking about it and what I’m doing with it. This reviewer actually informed me that they considered the story worthy to be published someday and I got so giddy I re-opened the document and started trying to get a feel for where I was at again. I don’t like a lot of what I did with this story, it needs a lot of work, but I still adore the characters and story and I think I can make something with it if I put in the work, which I will.

Yes, thank you Dean, it is awesome. And there is more awesome up and coming! Although the past few weeks (that have frankly felt like months) I have done very little besides the two things I have already mentioned, I have things to look forward to. Oh and before I forget: good luck to Lizzy on her Major Work for art, I hope you break those stereotypes!

It’s going to be awesome. I am involved, loosely…

Anyway, things coming up include Ironfest! Ironfest is a festival here in my hometown that celebrates metal and humanity and the relationship between them. Which sounds really boring when you say it that way, unless you write a little story about a man and his metal, and how in love they were. (It can be done. Anything can be done if the Sherlockfandom were able to write a fan fiction drabble about two pools who were in love.) Every year though, the festival has a new theme. Last year was Steampunk (hell yes!) and this year the theme is Apocalypse. Awesome, Dean? Awesome. Next year it’s going to be Time Travel, so I’m keen for that. In any case, there are belly dancers and metal workers and shops and there’s a war re-enactment and fireworks and there’s jousting and sword fighting and a display of executions (with you know, fake bodies) so it’s all pretty cool. So that’s going to be fun.

We also have Easter! Whoo! Chocolate!

We all do, Rory. So here is what’s going to happen:

On this day, I will see Lizzy and we’ll probably watchSupernaturaland then we’ll go to musical and leave an hour early. I will spend the night up at her place because on:

I am going with Lizzy and her mum to Canberra to spend the night in a hotel and I will probably act like such a kid because I’ll feel just like I’m Sam or Dean on a hunt and hey, everyone thinks Lizzy and I are sisters anyway (no, they really do, not sure why) and she’s taller than me and smarter than me and I like food more than she does, unhealthy food and she’s younger than me and OH MY GOD we’re the female versions of Sam and Dean! Not really but anyway. We’ll be in Canberra because on:

We’re going to see this Renaissance Italian art exhibition which is pretty cool actually even though it’s not usually my thing, so that’s awesome, and we get back late on Saturday night so I’m staying at her place again, then they’ll drop me home on:

For EASTER! Whoo! But in order to do this Canberra thing, I might, probably, almost definitely be working from 5:30 to close, but then is Easter Sunday so maybe we’ll be dead anyway and I’ll get extra pay which is quite convenient anyway since I wasn’t able to work this last week. And then it’ll be:

And I will go to musical… sigh. And then it’ll be:

Wherin I won’t do much… and then it’ll be:

Again, and I really just wanted to complete the week of gifs, so sorry about that. And so that and Ironfest is pretty much all April will be to me, but then it’s May and the musical will be performed in May and my brother and his wife’s first anniversay is in May so that’s all pretty awesome. Do I give them paper for their first anniversary? I’m not sure. I’ll just give them a card. And after all that I’ll be trying to go to some short acting courses and such, so there will at least be something to do I suppose.

Oh and I haven’t even told you about Lizzy’s and my plan to make a movie! Okay, it’s going to be really cool, but because it’s a really interesting topic, and I feel I’ve prattled enough here…

Okay, okay. I’ll save it for my next blog. Deal? I’ll write it maybe tomorrow. There’s a whole tonne of other stuff I wanted to talk about here but since I can’t fit it in, I will write another blog tomorrow while I wait for Lizzy to drop by. Okay? Brief preview: the movie, plans to see Titanic and Hunger Games with Lizzy and Mel, my pop’s memoirs, memories in general.

Okay then. I’m out.


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‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello.

Tomorrow morning is my HSC German Speaking Exam. Those people who aren’t Australian should know that the HSC is the final exams of highschool – the big guns.

No matter how prepared you think you are, there is something exceptionally daunting about going into school on a Saturday to speak in a language you vaguely understand with a person you’ve never met before in your life. I’m so frantic, because I’ve got this horrible feeling that I’ll walk into that little room and they’ll say:

“Guten Tag, wie gehts?”

And even though all I need to say is “Gut, danke” I know I’ll be so nervous I’ll just end up saying “Tashentischdankelie” with maybe a “hrmmm” on the end to fade out. I’ll probably swear then. I can only hope that if I swear in German it’ll be worth a mark.

I’ve been studying. Normally I say that and it’s a lie, but this time I really have been studying. Last night, I was so sure I was gonna ace this exam. But then… I had an epiphany.

^ This is my first comic… excuse the lameness I actually scribbled it whilst composing this post!Anyway. This epiphany was basically that… oh yeah. This exam. It’s actually important.

See I am renowned for my brilliant ideas. Like the fact I quit my job last year to focus on the HSC and then decided to come back because my dad lost his job. One of my bright ideas was that since I was doing so fantabulously well in German I could stop working. About half-way through the year I realised I was losing my place – I no longer understood what my teacher was saying. And then a couple of weeks ago I remembered I would have to sit an exam for this… hey, maybe I should probably learn this shit.

And that is how I wound up in this situation. Wish me luck!


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UPDATE: So you know how I was all “bleh German help panic” and everyone else was all “pfft German :D”? Well I’ve done the exam. It was incredibly intimidating, as I expected it would be and I messed up a few times but it was mostly ok. Considering I’m the top of my class and I went last, I think he may have dumbed down the questions for me by the time I came in – well, the others never paid much attention, I guess he assumed none of us did.

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“Oh hey, where do you work?”
“A slaughterhouse masquerading as a friendly pizza place. And you?”


Uh-huh. Why? Because we sell heartattacks in a box. Literal cardiac arrest just waiting to happen. The recent promotion consists of lamb ribs with a sliver of meat on them, meatballs and an unhealthy dose of sauce. The reason it’s so bad? I wash the dishes and the worst thing I have to do in that regard is clean the pans in which we cook the ribs. Without any exaggeration, there are layers of fat the colour of cream and the thickness of butter coating the bottoms of the pans and that’s when we actually put the paper on them.

Disgusted yet? You really should be. I mean it. It’s really that bad. If they had an honest slogan, it would be ‘The tasty road to death’. It’s like we have an ulterior motive behind feeding you people – sans money, of course. I want to be dead honest and reveal the name of this pizza place, but I bet you can guess and on the off chance this thing is found by my employers… I kinda want to keep my job. Even though I work for a slaughterhouse.

All that nonsense aside, this is both a review blog and a personal blog. So until I summon the energy to do a review, I’ll continue on a personal note. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it, but I plan to be a published author – I’ve wanted it since I was about six, and I’ve been writing just as long. The quality has thankfully improved with time.

The biggest bugger though is that I haven’t ever finished writing a novel. In July last year I had a dream about a man in a top hat walking along with a blind woman who was angry with him. They appeared to be in Australian country, and were on opposite sides of what seemed a never-ending fence. Eventually something happened causing them to turn into sheep which some farmer found and thought were good so he figured he should try and breed them. In the end, the story I derived from it had very little to do with the dream, as often happens, but I ended up creating a story with my friend and putting the vague outline into play.

I was never taking it seriously. I didn’t initially plan for it to be anything decent, it was kind of a joke to entertain myself. Yet somehow it became my primary focus, and best of all, it’s a mere two to three chapters away from it’s conclusion.

However I seem to be stuck. I think the reason is that I am missing something in the story that I need to carry through, a real element that I skimmed over. Because of this, I’ve decided that in order to finish the whole story, I need to go back to the beginning and edit the whole thing.

Today I began on chapter one and the prologue. I find chapter one to be dreary and not captivating in any way, and since I know many people who judge a book by its first five pages, I consider that a serious problem. Re-writing chapter one is proving to be more of a challenge than I thought it would be.

The story is called Nearly Departed: Book One: The Necromancer`s Wife – the plan is to have three books. It`s about a necromancer, Shin, who tricks a blind tribe girl, Kana, into marrying him by pretending to be her betrothed whom she had never met. We then follow their lives from that point. So the first chapter is about the meeting, the lie, and then the wedding. Writing a tribal wedding is tricky since the tribe, and the region, is an invented one. This comes with new customs, new clothing, new beliefs. It’s… difficult for me. It’s good fun to write but the editing almost feels like a step backwards instead of the descent to the goal line… Originally I didn’t write very much about the wedding because the first chapter was more of a prologue, but it didn’t work out as such. The prologue needed less work because I wrote it much later, near the end of the story.

I want to add more development to the relationships in the story, and have more demonstrated through actions for interpretation rather than telling the reader everything. So even though I’m nearly finished the first draft… I can tell it’s a long way from being complete. I’ll keep you all posted though! Want to see a picture of the main two characters and their cat? My friend drew it for me, and I coloured it. She’s amazing 😀

So that’s pretty much it for now. I’m almost finished school. I’m nearly eighteen… Stuff’s happening ^^


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So I haven’t had the opportunity to read anything new yet, unfortunately. I’ve been suffering a bad cold and my exams were on but now that they’re over I’ve a little time on my hands again.

We’re finally studying Pompeii and Herculaneum! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time now. We haven’t really done much yet though, sadly. Mostly I’ve been re-watching old animes… the fact I haven’t seen them in a while actually made it all ‘new’ again.

Spoilers ahoy! I will be reviewing as if I have never seen the rest of the series, so I will pretend to have no knowledge of later episodes. For lack of anything else to review, I’m going to begin by reviewing the very first episode of the anime Code Geass. This is a show about terrorism, war, heroes, and whether the means is more important than the end. It also has copious amounts of pizza, bizarre festivals and cats. So let’s proceed.

Episode one of Code Geass (and the dubbed version is quite faithful to the subbed version, so it matters not which you watch) opens with a lovely little back story provided by a disembodied female voice overlaying some brief shots of what the Britannian invasion on Japan was like. This is all exceptionally important; if you skip it you’ll be pretty confused later on. I do love that the show’s creators feel no need to explain what ‘Britannia’ is or what happened to cause the current timeline we’re following in-series. There’s no really natural way of telling the audience when everyone in that world would of course be quite aware of why things are as they are.

Companion booklets to the DVDs do provide history for the world, but that’s ‘in the handbook’ and not really necessary to enjoy the series.

We are immediately shown a world controlled by a dictating empire where discrimination is rampant. Two boys (who I assume are our main characters) sit in a barren area exposed early in their lives to an apparently horrific experience and we are given the driving force behind the main character’s actions.

* “I swear, Suzaku… I swear I will one day obliterate Britannia!”

Strong words from a ten-year-old. Clearly this is not intended for a young audience! This brings us to the opening credits, which like with every anime tells very, very little about the series upon first viewing.

What is clear is that the first episode is arranged more or less to establish what we’re in for; there is no beating about the bush! I cannot think of many animes which launches right into the massacre of the elderly and the young.

Let me explain; you can be forgiven for being emotionally traumatised by this series opening. It’s not pretty. Lelouch, our main character, goes gambling – chess? Really? – and is unfortunately caught up in a terrorist affair. ‘Elevens’ – Japanese, to you and me – are rebelling in small ways and have, apparently, stolen poisonous gas. Poor Lelouch goes down to help out when the truck crashes and tumbles inside the vehicle when it takes off. Terrorists really don’t wait around regardless of injury.

Meanwhile Rivalz (Lelouch’s pal) sees the truck drive away (having watched Lelouch go down to investigate) and then moves away wondering where Lelouch went, completely unconcerned for his apparent BEST FRIEND. Can I just say… WTF?

Anyway… so Lelouch is being dragged off in a terrorist vehicle with poisonous gas and is being shot at. He knows where he is exactly because he recognises little things (terrain, darkness, WHAT?) And when one of the terrorists, a young red-haired woman, dumps her jacket near him – AHA! Communicator! This turns out to be very important too, but it’s a blink and you’ll miss it thing so pay attention.

Oh by the way, there’s a character who appears briefly who I can already tell I’m going to love; a scientist by the name of Lloyd. Why do I love him?

* “Ahaaaa!”
* “W-what are you doing?”
* “Looking at a man who blundered, am I correct?”

This, as well as his pose and his voice. I love this man. I don’t know what his purpose is yet but I like him.

The truck crashes again (rubbish driver) underground and instead of being smart and trying to escape Lelouch hangs out a bit. Britannian Lackey #253 now signals his commanders and goes to investigate with what I must say was an incredible spinning kick. This obviously signifies that BL #253 is not just any lackey. He’s a main character! Lelouch goes down and I was like… Oh no he didn’t just do that to a helpless citizen! He is going in my Bad Book!

But then whoa! Hold it! Because #253 recognises Lelouch from his words; obliterate Britannia, am I sensing a catchphrase here? And behold it is Suzaku, the kid from the beginning who Lelouch apparently hasn’t seen for seven years. Happy reunion time!

This reunion is cut short though because POISONOUS GAS OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING? Ahhh it’s the standard pretty girl (she has green hair, what?) making her appearance. Being men Lelouch and Suzaku promptly begin to strip her of her straight jacket. I don’t suppose it occured to them that there might be a reason she was wearing a straight jacket? Anyway, then Suzaku’s superiors arrive (Suzaku’s Japanese working for Britannia and Lelouch is Britannian and wants to destroy it – ooooh conflict!) and order Suzaku to kill Lelouch. Suzaku says no and then WHOA THEY KILLED HIM! I thought… that’s a kind of abrupt ending to that guy I was just starting to like…

Now they’re going to kill Lelouch! Lelouch and girl escape and hide and the Britannians come after them and a baby cried… Followed by gun fire. No more crying. My heart is breaking; this is insane. I think this is going to be very emotional… But then Lelouch’s phone rings! Here we get a little contrast with Lelouch’s schoolfriend getting annoyed about him hanging up on her whilst the sound gave Lelouch away and now he’s in big trouble. They know he’s just a student, oh my  God I think I hate Britannia and oh crap the random girl just protected him and took the bullet and…!

In short the last five minutes of episode one are action-action-action! The girl, supposedly dead, grabs Lelouch’s arm (I’m confused) and then somehow she gives him special power which he automatically knows how to use. Wimpy Lelouch becomes Confident Lelouch and a red bird flies out of his eye (… what now.) as he commands all of the little troupe to die… whereupon they WHAT commit suicide! Also, they called him Your Highness. So… Lelouch vi Britannia, eh?

The Geass: (red bird)

Lelouch now treats us to a delightfully evil smirk which lets us know EXACTLY what we’re in for…


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