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Hello internet! Are you doing awesome? I wouldn’t know, you never answer my calls 😦 We used to be tight, what happened? (By the way, it’s totally you, not me!)

In other news, I’ve been stumbling along through the days after school. I actually asked the manager on duty tonight what she did when she finished school – she said she worked, and moved. That’s about it. Hmm, sounds promising. Work sucks when I’m on with the people I was on with tonight – not my manager, she’s cool enough, but the rest of the staff make me want to tear my hair out sometimes. And people are just so damn rude these days! Rude, disrespectful, lazy.

I must be guilty of the same crimes. I know I can be all of those things. But in comparison to what I see day to day, I feel like I was raised in a different time. A stricter time, sure, but you know I believe that strict social structure served a very good purpose. Humanity will never pin down the perfect balance, but we’ve gone too far to the other extreme! When did strict become synonymous with bad anyway? Or disciplined become associated with overbearing dictators? No, discipline and being strict are not bad things.

Ladies who didn’t speak unless spoken too. From our perspective it sounds kind of harsh, but now take a moment to reflect on ‘ladies’ who speak to you these days, whenever they want. Do they sound delicate? Are they polite? Or do they swear and call you all kinds of horrible words that no one, male or female, should use? I heard from my hairdresser the other day that she had a customer once whom she was telling about a young lady she’d served before. The woman apparently said to her, “Now was it a lady or a woman? There’s a difference you know.” It’s so true! Now, from my observations of people around me I can list hundreds of different reasons why society has become so verbally abusive, but it could take me a very long time and I’m sure my readers are clever enough to have observed it themselves.

I just can’t understand why you would allow yourself to become that way. Don’t they feel guilty, or self-loathing when they insult people or show no respect to their teachers or bosses or even co-workers? I know I would. There is just so much rude behaviour these days and I can hardly stand to be around it. As I said, I often feel as though I was raised in another time; there’s an incredible ‘generation gap’ between my grade and the grade below us – ridiculous! Five-year-olds with ‘relationships’ and mobile phones, and girls who go to a ball wearing the shortest skirts.

It’s almost laughable. It’s really pathetic. Now, the people I work with aren’t that bad, but there are things they do which just demonstrate the kind of person they are in every day life. It makes me fear for the future, and it’s getting harder and harder to just shrug it off when someone walking down the street insults me just for glancing in their direction.

What do you think? Why do you think, or what do you think is the primary reason people are more disrespectful these days? Post a comment!


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PS: Internet, I miss you. Didn’t you like the flowers I sent you? Answer my calls!


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