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Dear People of the Internets,

Lots of developments lately.

First off, I turned eighteen. Hooray! *Mini internets party*.

To celebrate my parents and I trekked to Mayfield Garden, which is enormous and beautiful given it is a fledgling public garden in Australia. Magnificent, but of course it led to my being badly sunburnt, the effects of which have yet to fade even though it has been a week. I’m still red and sore, believe it or not.

Here be photos:

So as you can see I was getting pretty burnt.

Anyway, after that I did my last HSC exam ever! Yay!

I’m free at last! Much like Rapunzel, I have now tasted liberty. It’s amazing. But I also don’t know what to do anymore. Then on Wednesday I went to school to ‘sign out’… never mind what that means. I ran into Ryan in the study room because he had an exam that day, and I decided to stop and talk, because we both like:

Yes, we do – what of it? Anyway we were talking about it and somewhere along the line I asked him out and he said yeah, so here I am, officially unavailable. Hm. Anyway my brother tells a better version of the story:

“One day Lyndsay was riding a unicorn pony because they were looking for a rainbow, and they found it, and Ryan was sitting on the rainbow. Then the pony tripped on the rainbow and Lyndsay fell down and said ‘Ouch’ and Ryan said ‘Ok’ because he thought she said ‘Do you want to go out with me?’ and it all worked out.”

I don’t know how I’m related to him and don’t have the same story-telling skills, but there you go.

So after that I went to the Chinese Gardens in Sydney which are also especially beautiful, but my browser is slow so I’ll put up pictures another time. Then we (my family and I) climbed the Harbour Bridge at night. It was my second time! Then we had dinner at Pancakes on the Rocks; if you’re ever in Sydney, I recommend it. Finally, on Friday I’ve got a party to celebrate with all my friends, and then after that…

Well, you get the idea. In addition, I’m doing NaNoWriMo; that’s National Novel Writing Month, so it’s busy, busy, busy!


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