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Hello again!

I am officially finished school. I have the HSC exams to do, but officially I have completed thirteen years of school. Yay!

We have been working really hard, and the final week of school was pretty much the time for us to all break loose as a grade one last time before we all part ways to become the new youth of the world.

Monday was a car wash, to raise money for our formal at the end of the year, and fun as that was we also had an auction. Of slaves. My year put themselves on the line and found out their value to the community. I think the highest bid was somewhere around $100, but for a human life that’s pretty cheap. My friend Lizzy bought my friends Ryan, Tate and Will – we tried to buy Connor, Liam and Max too but we weren’t loud enough. Lizzy loaned them to us, and they went for $42. Two girls went for $2.

After that, on Tuesday we held a sausage sizzle to raise even more money, and it was a success. I didn’t organise it but I bought a drink from it and none of us went to classes that day. Except my ancient history class – dedication or what?

Wednesday was Slave Day itself. Lizzy took our three slaves to the art building and loaned Will to Yaniah in photography. Lizzy and I didn’t have any classes so we amused ourselves in an art room with Amanda. During second period we decided to send Ryan and Tate out to dance in front of everyone, which sparked the amazing idea of getting them to dance for a little more fundraising. They were all dressed in suits and sunglasses with water guns, as the Russian mafia. They had accents and everything; they’re good at accents. Anyway, we made a sign “Russian Mafia Dance Crew” with the logo and then we marched out at recess to dance. I carried a sign explaining that songs or dance moves could be requested for a coin donation – even 5c would be acceptable. Lizzy pumped music from the art room out the window and it was great fun, though we only ended up making $2.20 from it.

Thursday was Muck Up Day. Lots of things happen on Muck Up Day – it used to be a much bigger event, actually. When my parents were in year 12, my dad’s year flooded a quad using sandbags to block it off and raced little paper boats across the surface. My mother and her friends kidnapped their science teacher and tied her (in a raincoat) to the flag pole, throwing water bombs and such at her. A few years ago the students covered one side of a teacher’s car in L plates, leaving the driver side blank so that she wouldn’t notice initially. That kind of thing is no longer allowed – why, every year it is tradtition to take over the assembly. My mother’s year did it dressed as nazis in a jeep back when they had assemblies outside. But were we allowed? No. They forbid us from entering the hall. So in revenge, we covered the stairs outside the exit in plastic cups and filled them all with water:


Additionally we had a Great Debate between students and teachers with the topic “Students are more insane than teachers” with the students on the negative. It was a lot of fun and very entertaining – I was part of the team and got up to speak, so I feel quite proud of myself! It was just a lot of nonsense, but so very worth while.

Finally today was the presentation – the grand finale. There were tears. There was laughter. Most importantly, there was an end. How am I celebrating? I, ladies and gents, am going to a ball. Don’t worry. There will be photos.

… I had been dancing a lot. Sadly, the above image is me!

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‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello.

Tomorrow morning is my HSC German Speaking Exam. Those people who aren’t Australian should know that the HSC is the final exams of highschool – the big guns.

No matter how prepared you think you are, there is something exceptionally daunting about going into school on a Saturday to speak in a language you vaguely understand with a person you’ve never met before in your life. I’m so frantic, because I’ve got this horrible feeling that I’ll walk into that little room and they’ll say:

“Guten Tag, wie gehts?”

And even though all I need to say is “Gut, danke” I know I’ll be so nervous I’ll just end up saying “Tashentischdankelie” with maybe a “hrmmm” on the end to fade out. I’ll probably swear then. I can only hope that if I swear in German it’ll be worth a mark.

I’ve been studying. Normally I say that and it’s a lie, but this time I really have been studying. Last night, I was so sure I was gonna ace this exam. But then… I had an epiphany.

^ This is my first comic… excuse the lameness I actually scribbled it whilst composing this post!Anyway. This epiphany was basically that… oh yeah. This exam. It’s actually important.

See I am renowned for my brilliant ideas. Like the fact I quit my job last year to focus on the HSC and then decided to come back because my dad lost his job. One of my bright ideas was that since I was doing so fantabulously well in German I could stop working. About half-way through the year I realised I was losing my place – I no longer understood what my teacher was saying. And then a couple of weeks ago I remembered I would have to sit an exam for this… hey, maybe I should probably learn this shit.

And that is how I wound up in this situation. Wish me luck!


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UPDATE: So you know how I was all “bleh German help panic” and everyone else was all “pfft German :D”? Well I’ve done the exam. It was incredibly intimidating, as I expected it would be and I messed up a few times but it was mostly ok. Considering I’m the top of my class and I went last, I think he may have dumbed down the questions for me by the time I came in – well, the others never paid much attention, I guess he assumed none of us did.

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“Oh hey, where do you work?”
“A slaughterhouse masquerading as a friendly pizza place. And you?”


Uh-huh. Why? Because we sell heartattacks in a box. Literal cardiac arrest just waiting to happen. The recent promotion consists of lamb ribs with a sliver of meat on them, meatballs and an unhealthy dose of sauce. The reason it’s so bad? I wash the dishes and the worst thing I have to do in that regard is clean the pans in which we cook the ribs. Without any exaggeration, there are layers of fat the colour of cream and the thickness of butter coating the bottoms of the pans and that’s when we actually put the paper on them.

Disgusted yet? You really should be. I mean it. It’s really that bad. If they had an honest slogan, it would be ‘The tasty road to death’. It’s like we have an ulterior motive behind feeding you people – sans money, of course. I want to be dead honest and reveal the name of this pizza place, but I bet you can guess and on the off chance this thing is found by my employers… I kinda want to keep my job. Even though I work for a slaughterhouse.

All that nonsense aside, this is both a review blog and a personal blog. So until I summon the energy to do a review, I’ll continue on a personal note. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it, but I plan to be a published author – I’ve wanted it since I was about six, and I’ve been writing just as long. The quality has thankfully improved with time.

The biggest bugger though is that I haven’t ever finished writing a novel. In July last year I had a dream about a man in a top hat walking along with a blind woman who was angry with him. They appeared to be in Australian country, and were on opposite sides of what seemed a never-ending fence. Eventually something happened causing them to turn into sheep which some farmer found and thought were good so he figured he should try and breed them. In the end, the story I derived from it had very little to do with the dream, as often happens, but I ended up creating a story with my friend and putting the vague outline into play.

I was never taking it seriously. I didn’t initially plan for it to be anything decent, it was kind of a joke to entertain myself. Yet somehow it became my primary focus, and best of all, it’s a mere two to three chapters away from it’s conclusion.

However I seem to be stuck. I think the reason is that I am missing something in the story that I need to carry through, a real element that I skimmed over. Because of this, I’ve decided that in order to finish the whole story, I need to go back to the beginning and edit the whole thing.

Today I began on chapter one and the prologue. I find chapter one to be dreary and not captivating in any way, and since I know many people who judge a book by its first five pages, I consider that a serious problem. Re-writing chapter one is proving to be more of a challenge than I thought it would be.

The story is called Nearly Departed: Book One: The Necromancer`s Wife – the plan is to have three books. It`s about a necromancer, Shin, who tricks a blind tribe girl, Kana, into marrying him by pretending to be her betrothed whom she had never met. We then follow their lives from that point. So the first chapter is about the meeting, the lie, and then the wedding. Writing a tribal wedding is tricky since the tribe, and the region, is an invented one. This comes with new customs, new clothing, new beliefs. It’s… difficult for me. It’s good fun to write but the editing almost feels like a step backwards instead of the descent to the goal line… Originally I didn’t write very much about the wedding because the first chapter was more of a prologue, but it didn’t work out as such. The prologue needed less work because I wrote it much later, near the end of the story.

I want to add more development to the relationships in the story, and have more demonstrated through actions for interpretation rather than telling the reader everything. So even though I’m nearly finished the first draft… I can tell it’s a long way from being complete. I’ll keep you all posted though! Want to see a picture of the main two characters and their cat? My friend drew it for me, and I coloured it. She’s amazing 😀

So that’s pretty much it for now. I’m almost finished school. I’m nearly eighteen… Stuff’s happening ^^


Music: Getting Away With Murder – Papa Roach
Book: My own, for editing.

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